Geology - Geotechnical Engineering - Hydrogeology

Research into subsoil conditions for geotechnical application and environmental impact (stratigraphy, identification of ground characteristics, tectonic mapping)

Geological studies into technical works (foundations, road construction, bridges, tunnels, dams, slope stability analysis)

Geological studies into the stabilization of land after landslides, waterway management, protection of coastal areas from erosion, sanitary waste disposal management

Studies into waterworks, drainage, sewerage, land reclamation projects

Studies into the suitability of building materials for use as aggregates or in construction

Drilling exploration for geological, geothermal, agricultural and industrial purposes

Geophysical and seismic surveys for the location of natural cavities and the determination of land characteristics

Provision of consultancy services to construction companies, institutions and organizations

Hydrogeological and hydrological studies into the exploitation of water resources and water resource management

Drafting of technical and geological reports for the application of drilling permits

Studies into how aquifers for water supply and irrigation purposes can be located

Collation of data on the depth and quality of water from drilling explorations conducted by government and non-government bodies

Studies into the treatment of water polluted by heavy metals, the desalination of seawater, brackish water, water sterilization, ph balancing

Water quality and residue analysis

Drafting of a plan for laboratory tests, transfer of samples to specialized and certified laboratories and supervision of testing

Mapping the subsurface and geophysical surveys for preliminary inspections of land to be used in construction.

Digital mapping of metropolitan infrastructure and optical fiber networks via electromagnetic surveying at pre-determined positions, for the purpose of safe excavation works

Geoelectric tomography and the measurement of the horizontal plane using the Schlumberger - Pole-Dipole method to determine subsurface resistivity and the mapping of strata

Surveys for the location of subsurface cavities, caverns and karst regions

Expert reports on Geotechnical suitability

Creation of charts depicting areas of porous strata, their basic hydronomic characteristics and ionic strength as regards to conductivity